Respiratory tract infections are responsible for an incredible amount of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Worldwide over 100 million people have been killed by the influenza virus in the last century. Symptoms of respiratory infections alone are not enough to diagnose and effectively treat. Older diagnostic methods, such as tissue culture and serology, have been replaced with more advanced molecular techniques. These techniques yield a faster turnaround time, have greater sensitivity and specificity, and are becoming increasingly accessible. Molecular detection allows physicians to detect infections at an earlier stage; typical tissue cultures can take 3-5 days to yield results and during that time the patient could get worse or have been prescribed the wrong medication. ManaCare Health is customer service driven, by providing a 24hr turnaround time this benefits the patient by allowing the physician to tailor their recommended treatments based on accurate results. At ManaCare Health we implement molecular testing techniques for both our respiratory & gastrointestinal pathogens panels and remain committed to improving the success of our partners.

Benefits of Respiratory & Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panels:

  • Comprehensive testing, includes four strains of influenza
  • Accurate, fast results
  • Improves patient management
  • Prevents secondary infections
  • Decreases the use of unnecessary antibiotics
  • Provides a more timely and effective treatment
  • May improve treatment outcomes
  • Can guide appropriate patient follow-up
  • Can reduce morbidity
  • May lead to shorter hospital visits
  • Identify polymicrobial infections which may be missed if using standard testing methods